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Assignments – SEO

Assignment – 1 

The Search Engines: Reflecting Consciousness and Connecting Commerce

  1. What is Search Engine? Name at least 10 search engines.
  2. List Major Search Engines and name of their founders
  3. What is SEO? Why should we do SEO?
  4. Explain how search engine works.
  5. List name of algorithms used by Google.
  6. Explain basic types of search engines.
  7. Explain types of queries used by searchers with example.
  8. Which technique is cost effective to be #1 in SERP?
  9. What is Blended Search? Which company introduced it first?
  10. Why Universal search is more user friendly than textual (link based) search?
  11. Explain On page & Off page SEO.
  12. Which site(s) wants to be #1 in PPC ? Why ?
  13. Explain Natural/Organic/Unpaid Search & Paid Search.
  14. Define PPC.
  15. Define CTR.

Search Engine Basics

  1. Explain the basic elements of Google SERP
  2. Google collectively refers “One Box” results: Name it. List 10  search queries.
  3. Which content can be seen by search engines?
  4. Which content can not be seen by Search Engine? What are the alternatives?
  5. What are two main factors to rank the result by Search Engine? Explain them.
  6. What is document analysis?
  7. What is “Word Problem” and “Diversity”? Explain with example.
  8. List all positive ranking factors. Explain any 4 of them.
  9. List all negative ranking factors. Explain any 2 of them.
  10. List country specific search engines.

Practical performance: Advanced Search operators

Assignment – 2

Determining  SEO Objectives & Defining Site’s Audience

  1. Explain direct traffic.
  2. Explain Lead Generation & Direct Marketing.
  3. Explain SEO for Ideological Influence.
  4. List out the factors that helps to understand your site’s audience &
    explain any one of them
  5. Explain Advanced techniques for planning of SEO.
  6. Explain QDD with example.

First Stages Of SEO

  1. List the Players and their processes of Site Development.
  2. How can you find out site’s strength , weakness, opportunities & threats or Explain SWOT analysis.
  3. What is Keyword Cannibalization? How to solve it?
  4. How to define your site’s information architecture according to technology?
  5. Explain how you fix internal linking problems.
  6. List and explain elements of audit that can be implemented by SEO practitioner.
  7. List and explain the factors included in Structural Decision of your site’s informational architecture.
  8. Explain any two server statistic software.
  9. Explain types of Site Changes that can affect SEO.
  10. Explain Server & Hosting Issues.

Assignment – 3

Developing an SEO-friendly website

  1. List common reasons why pages may not be reachable
  2. Explain Layout of XML sitemap
  3. Explain Flat V/S Deep architecture
  4. What is root domain & subdomain?
  5. List the factors that help to optimize domain names/URLs
  6. What should be taken care while optimizing image tag?
  7. How do the search engines identify duplicate content?
  8. How to avoid duplicate content on your site?
  9. What is Cloaking? When to show different content to user and search engine?
  10. Explain robots.txt with its syntax
  11. Explain the parameters of robot meta tag
  12. Explain Good & Bad Redirects
  13. How to ensure the CMS is search engine friendly?
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