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Viva related one mark questions

  1. PHP stands for ___
  2. Who developed PHP?
  3. What is Apache?
  4. WAMP stands for ___
  5. XAMPP stands for ___
  6. What is PHP?
  7. What is web site?
  8. What is web server?
  9. What is static web site?
  10. What is dynamic web site?
  11. What is client side scripting language? List them
  12. What is server side scripting language? List them
  13. List different server name
  14. What does mean by cross platform?
  15. Name form submission methods
  16. Difference between GET & POST method
  17. Is GET method secure to submit the login form? If no, justify your answer
  18. What is the benefit of GET method?
  19. List the data types of PHP
  20. List the operators used in PHP
  21. Difference between == & ===
  22. Why is foreach loop used?
  23. Name the statement/function to display on web browser
  24. List string functions
  25. List array functions
  26. List Date functions
  27. List File handling functions
  28. List Math functions
  29. List MySQL functions
  30. ____ function is used to break a string into an array
  31. ____ function returns the string from an elements of an array
  32. ___ function is used to display current system date/time/day/year/month
  33. ___ function is used to convert from degree to radian
  34. ____ function is used to convert a number from one base to another base.
  35. ____ function deletes the last element of an array
  36. ____ function inserts one or more elements at the end of the array
  37. ____ function removes the first element of an array
  38. ____ function inserts one or more elements at beginning of the array
  39. What is Session? where does it store?
  40. Which function is used to destroy PHP session variable?
  41. What is cookie? where does it store?
  42. List GD library functions
  43. GD library is useful to create the JPG/GIF/PNG image. (True / false)
  44. What is AJAX?
  45. AJAX stands for ____
  46. What is jQuery?
  47. Who developed jQuery?
  48. Name jQuery elements
  49. Name jQuery keyboard events
  50. Name jQuery mouse events
  51. Name jQuery selectors
  52. Name jQuery effects
  53. How can PHP and HTML interact?
  54. How to get the width and height of the image?
  55. How can we check that given value is string or not?
  56. What is func_num_args() used for?
  57. What is func_get_args() used for?
  58. What is func_get_arg() used for?
  59. What is die() used for?
  60. What is unlink() used for?
  61. What is UDF?
  62. Cookie is created with ___ function
  63. DML stands for _____
  64. Which is default hostname in MySQL?
  65. What does mysqli_connect() do?
  66. What does mysqli_fetch_array() do?
  67. What does mysqli_insert_id() do?
  68. JSON stands for ____
  69. HTTP stands for ____
  70. FTP stands for _____
  71. Which function is used to convert JSON object to array?
  72. What is root directory in WAMP?
  73. Constant can be defined using ______() function.
  74. Which function is used to destroy variable?
  75. Which super global variable of PHP stores the information about headers, paths and script locations?
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